Carola – Ceramic Relief – Wall Installation


Ceramic wall installation of seaweed shape cut outs, circles and bobbles in different colours and textures

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The Carola ceramic relief is part of the Puglia collection. The ensemble takes the form of either a ceramic relief or wall installation, inspired by cut out shapes and layered textures (to which can be added a lamp – as a wall light).

There is a balance of three colours and textures, shown here with the bright reflective sheen of the turquoise shapes, a matt white glaze of the circles and bobbles and another set of circles in the earthy coarse rough green/grey texture, some textures absorbing light and some bouncing the light around.

The piece is composed of two groupings which may be juxtaposed to your own liking, alternatively a larger piece can be created incorporating as many elements as you desire.

Each grouping measures approximately 45cm across

As with the designs in the Puglia collection, the Carola composition can be adapted to your specific requirements in different shapes.

The clay for the Puglia Collection is sustainably sourced from Stoke on Trent and all the glazes are hand mixed.
Every piece is hand made so will vary from piece to piece very slightly, and each grouping will be individually different from another.


Customisation Possibilities

Variation on colour combinations are possible with turquoise blue, platinum, bright blue, 24 carat gold and white.

The textured surfaces can be in black, light grey or buff.

An image of these finishes is in the gallery below.

The composition can be created in different shapes and finishes.

Please enquire about bespoke installations and design commissions.

This is a handmade product with hand mixed glazes, small irregularities are expected and part of the character of the piece.